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Scottsbluff Kennel Club

March 27, 2015

~Mac (GSD)- 3rd ~Cady (RR)- 4th in a large open class ~Chevy (RR)- Best Opposite Sex ~Omaha (Aussie)- Winners Bitch! ~Jake (Aussie)- Select Dog ~Shultz (Berner)- Best of Breed ~Jodi (Samoyed)- Best Opposite Sex ~Jesse (BT)- Best of Breed

March 28, 2015

~Mac (GSD)- 2nd ~Jesse (BT)- Best of Breed ~Omaha (Aussie)- Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex over a special! ~Jake (Aussie)- Select Dog ~Jodi (Samoyed)- Best Opposite Sex ~Cady (RR)- Reserve winners bitch to the major ~Chevy (RR)- Best of Breed, Hound Group 2!! ~Shultz (Berner)- Best of Breed, Working Group 4!!!

March 29, 2015

~Mac (GSD)- 2nd ~Jesse (BT)- Best of Breed ~Cady (RR)- showed great ~Chevy (RR)- Select Dog ~Jodi (Samoyed)- Select Bitch ~Shultz (Berner)- Best of Breed ~Omaha (Aussie)- reserve winners bitch ~Jake (Aussie)- Best of Breed and Herding Group 4!!

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