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2/12/15 (Day 1- Specialties) ~Jesse James (BT)- showed great his first time as a special with great competition ~Troy (wheaten)- 1st ~Arika (wheaten)- 4th ~Nancy (aussie)- 2nd ~Omaha (aussie)- 3rd ~Jake (Aussie)- showed great ~Cooper (flat coat)- 4th ~Roxy (flat coat)- Winners Bitch, Best Opposite 3pt Major! ~Shultz (Berner)- made the cut in a huge lineup of specials

2/13/15 (Day 2) ~Cady (ridgeback)- 3rd in a huge open class ~Troy (wheaten)- 1st ~Arika (wheaten)- not shown ~Jesse James (BT)- Best of Breed for a 5pt GCH Major! ~Nancy (Aussie)- Winners bitch for a 4pt major! ~Omaha (Aussie)- 2nd ~Cale (Aussie)- showed great ~Cooper (flat coat)- 3rd ~Roxy (flat coat)- Winners Bitch! ~Hansel (Berner)- 2nd ~Greta (Berner)- 3rd ~Shultz (Berner)- Best of Breed, GROUP 1!!!

2/14/15 (Day 3)

Another great day in Denver! ~Teddy (BT)- Reserve winners dog to the major his first time out! ~Jesse James (BT)- Showed great ~Cady (ridgeback)- showed great ~Chevy (ridgeback)- Best of Breed his first time out as a special! ~Cooper (flat coat)- reserve winners dog to the major ~Roxy (flat coat)- reserve winners bitch ~Nancy (Aussie)- 1st ~Omaha (Aussie)- 2nd ~Cale (Aussie)- showed great ~Troy (wheaten)- 2nd ~Arika (wheaten)- 3rd ~Hansel (Berner)- 3rd ~Shultz (Berner)- Select dog for a GCH a major ~Jodi (Samoyed)- Select Bitch for a GCH a major

2/15/15 (Day 4) ~Teddy (BT)- Reserve to the major ~Jesse James (BT)- Select dog for a 5pt GCH a major! ~Cooper (FCR)- Winners dog, Best of Winners for a 3pt major! ~Roxy (FCR)- Winners bitch 3pt major NEW CHAMPION!!!!!!! ~Cady (RR)- showed great ~Chevy (RR)- showed great ~Troy (wheaten)- 2nd ~Arika (wheaten)- 2nd ~Shultz (Berner)- showed great ~Nancy (Aussie)- 1st ~Omaha (Aussie)- 2nd ~Jake (Aussie)- Best of Breed, GROUP 1!!!!!! ~Hansel and Greta not shown

2/16/15 (Day 5) ~Jesse James (BT)- select dog ~Cooper (FCR)- Reserve winners dog ~Ceildih (FCR)- Winners Bitch, Bedt of Winners ~Nancy (Aussie)- 1st ~Omaha (Aussie)- 1st ~Cady (RR)- 3rd in a huge open class

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